We carry out projects

Technical projects to adapt, renew, legalize etc.. all facilities


We adapt to current legislation all kinds of facilities.

Adequacy of swimming pools for communities, adequacy of ventilation and cooling systems, both industrial, commercial or residential.

Projects for adaptation fire-protection in industrial buildings etc…

Legal projects to enjoy its facilities


We have a great team and extensive travel

The IMAINSA technical office is involved in all phases of a project are: realization of preliminary designs and studies necessary to obtain authorizations by relevant agencies, development of the project of execution of the works, technical direction of the work to foot work and the documentation required for the legalization issue.

Proyecto de apertura

Opening project required to start your business and legal adaptation of its commercial activity.

Proyecto de fontanería

Plumbing for community projects, blocks of flats or local, as well as the legalization of the installations

Proyectos Ef.Energética

Projects for the improvement of energy efficiency in cases such as outdoor lighting, coolers etc…

Proyecto de interiores

Projects of Interior design and interior lighting, smart designs with architectural and decorative lighting as well as technique.

Proyectos eléctricos

Low-voltage electricity projects to adapt and comply with current regulations 

Proyecto adecuación piscinas

Adaptation project to adapt the community pools that following inspection relevant need to be adapted to the regulations

Proyectos Contra Incendios

Facilities projects of fire protection for all types of industry, such as industrial buildings, business premises etc…

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